One of the really fun aspects of the Mono Market is the terrific

history of the business. Families both local and visiting have been

shopping here for generations, and we love hearing stories about the

early days.


Bob Currie started the Market as a little meat house in 1927. At the

time, the property was developed on a Forest Service lease with a

campground where the Lakeview Motel sits. The market at that time

consisted of the small concrete building that is presently being used

as an employee break room in front of Chris’ converted office.


Bill Banta arrived in the Basin in 1933. He sold produce throughout the region which he drove up from Bishop. He later acquired the property where the Market and the Lakeview Motel are now located. The Banta’s business was boosted by the operations of LADWP at West Portal which was a thriving community until the diversion tunnel under Mono Craters was completed in the early 1940s.

On April 11, 1941, Bill sold the Market to his meat cutter, Harry Blaver.

The Blaver family expanded the business exponentially, driving trucks

over to the Central Valley to pick up products as there were few vendors

in the local area. Blaver also supplied many of the nearby fishing resorts

during the summer season. Harry was much loved in the community due

to his generosity, his constant smile and his ability to remember everyone’s

name. He always had a good clean joke, and sent secret valentines to the

local widows every year. Harry passed away in 2000 but is survived by

family members who retain links to the area.


Such history is relevant to our current operation and the community not

because the pioneers were any smarter or because they did everything

right in the “good old days,” but because our history is the foundation

on which we build. The Market, and our community, is an ongoing

project in which we are all partners. Change is not only inevitable, but

imperative. The easy road would be to operate the store as it was back

in the 1950s, and invest nothing in our community. But we can do better:

by improving the Market inside and out, making it more attractive and

inviting, to our community and its visitors. Improvements honor our pioneers who did so much with so little.

For more information about our local history, visit our Mono Basin History Museum.

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