The Mono Market is located in Lee Vining, California, home

of Mono Lake and just minutes from the east entrance to

Yosemite National Park. Use the maps, links and weather

information below to learn more about our area.


Lee Vining is a small community of about 500 year-round

residents. It draws tens of thousands of visitors each year,

though, seeking the beauty of Yosemite the serenity of Mono

Lake, and the great trout fishing of area streams and lakes.


If you will be visiting Lee Vining during the summer months

(June-September), it is best to make hotel reservations before

arriving, or else to arrive early in the day in order to secure a room.


Fishing season runs from the last weekend in April through the end of October. Fishing licenses are required for all fishermen and can be purchased at a couple of locations in LeeVining.

For more information on Lee Vining and the Eastern Sierra, visit the following websites:


  • Eastern Sierra Guide (

  • Sierra Nevada Geotourism: 





Please be aware that Tioga Pass is closed during the winter months (usually Nov. through late May) and no access to the park is possible from Lee Vining during this time. Entrances from the west side are still open, however.

For more information on Yosemite, visit the following websites:

  • Official Park Website

  • Yosemite Area Information


Lee Vining also sits on the shores of Mono Lake, which at 760,000 years old is one of the oldest lakes in North America.This saltwater lake is 3.5 times as salty as the ocean and contains no fish. It does however, contain millions of tiny brine shrimp, which attract thousands of migrating and nesting birds to its waters every year. The lake is famous among bird watchers everywhere.

For more information on Mono Lake, visit the

  • Mono Lake Committee Website - The site offers a great photo gallery of the lake, live webcams, and extensive local weather information.

  • Wix Facebook page


51303 Highway 395 - P.O. Box 265

Lee Vining, CA 93541